Galata Kulesi
Before the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans, Galata was an independent Genovanian region protected by 24 towers. Galata is the only surviving and the most iconic of these towers.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 600 m.

Dolmabahçe Sarayý (Müzesi)
Until the 17th century this area was a bay in Bosphorous. It is rumoured that Argos, the ship of the Argonauts who were seeking the Golden Fleece stopped here. Another rumour says that Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror stopped his ships here and pushed them on land to the Golden Horn.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 800 m.

Topkapý Sarayý
One of the oldest and widest palaces survived in the world. It was built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror between the years of 1460 – 1578 after the conquest of Istanbul and was used as the center of the empire for 380 years.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 3 km.

Yerebatan Sarnýcý
Istanbul was one of the most sieged cities. The main problem during the sieges was the shortage of food and drink. The Basilica is the biggest underground water storage built by Rome and the Byzantium Empire.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 3 km.

Aya Sofya
One of the Eight Wonders of the World, Hagia Sophia is the number one structure in art and architecture history. It is one of the rarest structures survived this far. It is originally named Hagia Sophia and is called by Turkish as Ayasofya. Saint Sophia however is a wrong name.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 3 km.

Sultan Ahmet Camii
One of the leading monuments for Turkish and Islam World, The Blue Mosque is admired by all. As an example of the Classic Turkish Art, The Blue Mosque is the only mosque that was built with 6 minarets.
Distance to Hot Suites Taksim: 3 km.

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